NYC Dogrunners

"I am the principal owner and trainer of Dog Trainers of New York. I have been training in New York City for more than eight years. During that time I have had occasions to recommend dog walkers to my clients. Unfortunately, it was not always successful. When I make a recommendation I am putting my career on the line. About five or six years ago I met Josh the owner of Downtown Pets. In my conversations with him I discovered that we have the same approach to our responsibilities to our clients and their dogs. Since that time Downtown Pets is the only organization I recommend. Not only, have I never heard an negative comment about them but on the contrary my clients often thanked me for the recommendation and speak in superlatives about the concerned professional approach and manner in which they were treated by Downtown Pets."
Garry Gross, Dog Trainers of New York


Josh is a wonderful, thoughtful, service minded professional. The walkers are honest, kind, polite, dog friendly (you'd be surprised how many walkers don't really pay attention) and proactive. I don't think there's a better service out there. Also, they're super organized, never flaky. Emma F.


"I am a veterinarian in New York City and I have known Josh, the owner of Downtown Pets, for 6 years. Josh loves animals, takes excellent care of his own pets and sees to it that all of his employees treat your pets with the utmost compassion and care. I always feel confident recommending Downtown Pets because I know how that Josh's standards are as high as my own. You can have peace of mind that your pets will be well taken care of and loved while you are away." Mary Xanthos, DVM


I'm ashamed to say but I used to not exercise my dog enough so NYC Dog Runners was a great option for me. My little Molly loves her runs and when she comes home she goes right to sleep! She has lost weight and seems happier and it has inspired me to walk her more too. Julie C.


"We have been a client of NYC Dog Runners since its inception. This service is totally integral to our lifestyle, our ability to have a pet and our peace of mind. It is a service built on the highest business principles; extremely well-run and professional. I could give up many things in my life, but NOT NYC Dog Runners. Our Vizsla adores all the walkers, eagerly going with them on either a walk or more recently running twice a week. We trust all the walkers and runners completely. She is a dog who needs a lot of exercise and neither my husband nor I are runners. She can be a City dog and get the proper exercise." Mary W.