NYC Dogrunners


NYC Dog Runners is for those who love the outdoors, running and dogs. You get to experience all of those things here and if you buy into our philosophies of safely running dogs and being detail oriented, you will not find someone hanging over your back. We are looking for responsible, mature persons who do not need to be micromanaged. Runners are paid per dog so there is an incentive to work.

Pay ranges from $250-$350 (before taxes) a week for part-time work (2-4 hr's a day). If you'd prefer to walk dogs you can click the following link to view our
NYC dog Walker Application.

We promise to read all responses but ask that you please
do not call us to follow up on your application nor submit
your application numerous times. Thanks!

NYC Dog Runner Application:

your first name:

your cell phone:


where do you live:

How many miles do you run a week:

are you available mon-fri: yes no

are you available at the same hours mon-fri: yes no

what are you applying for:

best describe your intentions:

have you applied for any internships recently?yes no

can you ride a bike (not with dogs but to appointments):yes no

most recent education:

are you pursuing a specific career? which one?

do you have any vacations coming up? if so, when?

leaving - returning -

your experience with dogs is:

* Please "do not" call us to follow up on your application.
We promise to read all applications but can not get back to everyone.